To rent out?


Our activity related to a lease consists of several stages: firstly, we evaluate what the best rental fee may be, on the base of detailed reports, and we search for a referenced tenant. This is a job that we do very carefully, in order to guarantee a positive outcome of the lease. The selection of a tenant is the core of our activity: we manage each house as it was our house. We put ourselves in the owner’s shoes and we ask ourselves: “if I was the owner, would I want this person as a tenant?”. The answer determines our evaluation on the tenant. Furthermore, the selection is determined by the income and solvency analysis and the possible existence of previous injurious situations.

Secondly, we choose the type of contract that can better meet the needs of the parties (considering also the tax aspect), we write the contract itself, with all the necessary receipts, as well as a detailed delivery report, and we take care of its registration at the Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate).

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of residential and commercial leases, we can guarantee:

  • Punctuality and the best evaluation of the rent.
  • A dense network of relationships with national and international companies for the search of selected properties for their employees.
  • Solvency of your tenant.
  • Pre and post contract assistance, in order to find the best lease solution.

Thanks to our database and an accurate search of information, we can guarantee the solvency of your tenant with a detailed report.

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